June 13, 2012

OKC Cools Down the Heat

In game 1 of the finals in Oklahoma City, Miami came out firing on all cylinders, draining three pointers left and right. They took the lead as high as 13 in the first half but as the 2nd quarter cane to an end, the Thunder started to make their move, shortening Miami"s lead to 7. And you started to get the feeling that OKC was starting to "heat" up in their own way. It is widely known that the Thunder is a primarily second half time and they executed and proved that to be true. The Thunder turned the tables on Miami and started to make their run, playing superb defense and running from end to end while Miami seemed to be content with taking jump shots rather than driving to the basket and taking it to the house or kicking it out for an open three, as they did in the first half which contributed to their 13 point lead. When the final buzzer sounded, OKC was on the winning side of a 105-94 score. I believe many expectations were met for the first game of the finals because I sure know mine were. We are in for an exciting down to the wire series which will hopefully bring the NBA back to its original status as the #1 sport in America. Strap up and get ready for game 2 because Miami will not let OKC take this series without a FIGHT.

May 21, 2012

Sixers Pull Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde To Tie Celtics

This was the best Sixers' playoff game I have watched since Iverson and Vince Carter were having dueling 50 point games in 2001 conference semifinals.  The Sixers started off the game on a cold streak that seemed likely to sink the series within the first 3 minutes of the game.  The Celtics picked up right where they left off  in game 3, which was running the court at will.  Brandon Bass played the role of Kevin Garnett scoring 10 in the first quarter and 13 for the half.  Rajon Rondo was also picking the Sixers apart, setting up his teammates to lead them to a 14-0 start.  Rondo ended up with 9 points and 9 assists for the half.  Paul Pierce was hot, running off of screens and knocking down every shot in his sight scoring 12 in the half.  The Sixers offense was anemic to put it mildly.  This was easily the worst first half of the season for the Sixers.   They shot 23 percent from the field and missed a total of 8 free throws.  They were down 15 because they could not hit open shots or get out on the break after misses and turnovers.

The second half started off with much of the same as the Celtics built their lead to 18.  However, the Sixers showed resilience by playing lock down defense for the rest of the game.  Anchored by Lavoy Allen's defense on Kevin Garnett, who looked like he had nothing left for Lavoy.  KG was not his all star self and I am not sure some if it has to do with him being in his 16th season or if it was because Doug Collins matched him up with Lavoy.  Lavoy's play was stellar all game, limiting KG to 3 for 12 shooting and 9 points.  He made a valiant effort to keep him from catching the ball in the lane and turning and elevating for the shot.  Lavoy also did not allow KG many open shots.

Charles Barkley: "San Antonio is a gold mine for Weight Watchers"

Sir Charles Barkley is at it once again. Last night after the Spurs victory wrapping up the series against the Clippers, the cast of Inside the NBA on TNT was at it again. Ernie Banks, Kenny "The Jet" Smith, Sir Charles Barkley, and Shaquille O'Neal went on to discuss moving out of the Atlanta studios and being on site for the Western Conference Finals in San Antonio.

It did not take long before Barkley took some jabs at the city of San Antonio. Barkley starts off with stating there are some "big ol women down there," and proceeds with "Victoria is a secret down there." Barkley had Smith shaking his head, and Shaq busting up laughing. 

I think the best line was when Barkley stated, "San Antonio is a gold mine for Weight Watchers...it's a mother load down there." It was definitely one of the funniest segments on any pre or post game show I have ever seen live. What made the entire segment so great was how hard Shaq was laughing, you could tell it was real. Also, another great part of the segment was watching how frustrated Smith became with Barkley's comments. 

Unfortunately nba.com will not let me post the video on this blog, they want traffic directed to their site. Click here and you will be taken straight to the video, watch a quick Hyundai sponsored ad and you're golden from there.

When I watched it live I couldn't stop laughing. Last night proves once again why Inside the NBA on TNT is the best pre and post game show of any of the four major sports. Enjoy the video, I know I did. 

May 19, 2012

Osi Umenyiora Wants to Give L.T. His Ring Back

Giants colorful defensive end Osi Umenyiora is chiming in on the strange story regarding Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl ring that apparently is for sale, which L.T. did not know was for sale. While Umenyiora has been playing the victim for the past two seasons attempting to get more money from the G-Men, he apparently has enough money to buy the ring and give it back to L.T.

Umenyiora posted on his Twitter account stating that if he gets to 500,000 total followers on Twitter by 10:00 p.m. ET tonight, he will buy the ring and give it back to its rightful owner. He initially wanted 1,000,000 followers, but has come to realization that he will not come close to that figure. Umenyiora may want to lower his number from 500,000 considering at the time of this post he is sitting at 42,720 followers.

If Umenyiora somehow makes it to 500,000 followers on Twitter by later this evening, one lucky Umenyiora follower will deliver the ring to L.T. in person.

This is definitely a nice gesture by Umenyiora, especially considering last week he wished Eagles RB Lesean McCoy a Happy Mother's Day.