June 13, 2012

OKC Cools Down the Heat

In game 1 of the finals in Oklahoma City, Miami came out firing on all cylinders, draining three pointers left and right. They took the lead as high as 13 in the first half but as the 2nd quarter cane to an end, the Thunder started to make their move, shortening Miami"s lead to 7. And you started to get the feeling that OKC was starting to "heat" up in their own way. It is widely known that the Thunder is a primarily second half time and they executed and proved that to be true. The Thunder turned the tables on Miami and started to make their run, playing superb defense and running from end to end while Miami seemed to be content with taking jump shots rather than driving to the basket and taking it to the house or kicking it out for an open three, as they did in the first half which contributed to their 13 point lead. When the final buzzer sounded, OKC was on the winning side of a 105-94 score. I believe many expectations were met for the first game of the finals because I sure know mine were. We are in for an exciting down to the wire series which will hopefully bring the NBA back to its original status as the #1 sport in America. Strap up and get ready for game 2 because Miami will not let OKC take this series without a FIGHT.

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